This page is a temporary home for news about 2e NYC, a listserv that serves parents of twice-exceptional children in New York City.  

At Tweed Courthouse, on May 24, 2018, the 2e NYC group (Parents of Twice Exceptional Kids in NYC Listserv) gave a presentation about their recent survey of Twice-Exceptional students and families to the Citywide Council on Special Education (CCSE).  We were so grateful to Ellen McHugh and the CCSE for inviting us to present our survey findings! Click here to read the 2eNYC Survey Summary.

There were approximately 30 members of the 2e NYC group in attendance at the meeting.  Additionally, other members of the Department of Education also attended including Christina Foti, Chief Executive Director, Division of Specialized Instruction and Student Support and various members of the Special Education Office. Additional DOE members in attendance included Veronica York, Assistant Principal, Townsend Harris, Georgia Brandeis, Special Ed Coordinator, Townsend Harris, and Bandna Sharma, Family Leadership Coordinator, District 30.  View the video above for the presentation.  The slides of the presentation are available below, just click the graphic or here:


The members of 2e NYC were thrilled to participate in this meeting. They brought questions about their own experiences as well as questions about how best to move forward.  Christina Foti graciously answered all the members' questions.  Stay tuned here for more information. - Jenn Choi 5.25.18


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Twenty of us went out to dinner together right after the CCSE meeting.  Parents of twice-exceptional students in preschool to high school; state-approved and non-approved non-public, non-special ed private, G/T with and without ICT, Gen Ed with and without ICT and don't forget ASD NEST!  Despite the diverse settings, we are joined by the uniqueness of our circumstances.... our kids want to be successful but we need trained educators in environments ready to take on gifted kids who have real challenges. We are cautiously optimistic and ready to work! 5.24.18 Tribeca


Read the 2e NYC Parent Survey Here

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Thursday, 5-9-2018, New York City -

In just two weeks, this online group of parents of twice exceptional children in New York City managed to have over 500 people respond to our survey.  I am so proud to be a member here. 

I think the parent comment quote on the title page shows our urgency and why we are so fed up and able to get this done so quickly.  I firmly believe this is something that is not only going to help 2e children but will help others as well.  

“ There isn't currently a place for students who have disabilities but are acceleratedacademically. This results in many challenging behaviors for my son. If we weren't sendin him to private school, I believe that he would be on a pathway to frequent suspensions. This feels like a ticket to the schools-to-prison pipeline for students whose families cannot affor private school, services, and attorneys. Teachers working with G & T classes (my so attended one a few years back) do not have special education training. Special education classes cannot differentiate up for gifted students. ”

—Survey Respondent

Here is a link to the 2e NYC Survey Summary  

We would be grateful and honored if you shared with anyone who cares about twice-exceptional children and equity in education for all. 

Yours truly, 

Jenn Choi, proud member and group owner of the Parents of Twice-Exceptional Children in NYC Listserv