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The Survey is Out

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I will write more about his survey later, but here is the nitty gritty. 

In just two weeks, this online group of parents of twice exceptional children in New York City managed to have over 500 people respond to our survey.  I am so proud to be a member here. 

I think the parent comment quote on the title page shows our urgency and why we are so fed up and able to get this done so quickly.  I firmly believe this is something that is not only going to help 2e children but will help others as well.  

“ There isn't currently a place for students who have disabilities but are acceleratedacademically. This results in many challenging behaviors for my son. If we weren't sendin him to private school, I believe that he would be on a pathway to frequent suspensions. Thi feels like a ticket to the schools-to-prison pipeline for students whose families cannot affor private school, services, and attorneys. Teachers working with G & T classes (my so attended one a few years back) do not have special education training. Special educatio classes cannot differentiate up for gifted students. ”

—Survey Respondent

Here is a link to the 2e NYC Survey

-jenn choi


Fill out the 2e NYC High School Admissions Workshop Survey

I love watching kids talk to kids about schools.  photo : Jenn Choi

I love watching kids talk to kids about schools. photo: Jenn Choi

After an exhausting three months, I handed in my son's application to enter a New York City public high school this coming September 2018. 

This process is so incredibly flawed, but through it, I've learned more about my child, my child's current school, other schools, teachers, and the department of education in my city which happens to be the biggest school district in the country.  

More importantly, my son, my husband, and I feel good about the choices. Nothing is perfect, but within the three months of researching and visiting schools, we know we did our best. That said, ask us if we think we should have started researching earlier.  

Oh yes, we should have. Sure I had a lot on my mind when he was in 7th grade, but I believe I could have squeezed some more work into this process. I know this because I was learning non-stop throughout the 3 months, even until the last week before submitting his ranked list of 12.  In manyways it was a very heavy duty part-time job.  Is that unfair? Absolutely, but the show must go on.

NYC High School Admissions Fair- no one tells you that not all the schools come to this one. photo: Jenn Choi

NYC High School Admissions Fair- no one tells you that not all the schools come to this one. photo: Jenn Choi

I had a very wise friend who taught me everything she knew in September, so I was already in good shape, but with a child who has special needs and also needs a certain amount of academic rigor to stay motivated, I should have started my research earlier. 

So here I am, a head chock full of useful nuggets waiting to be spilled over. I am taking a quick survey for 6th and 7th grade parents who want to learn what I learned.  I also want to share what worked when trying to keep my kid motivated and productively participating in the process. 

Here is the form.  Just 3 Questions! Hope to meet you!